Hi! I'm Katie Giraulo. Content strategist & designer. Copywriter, storyteller, editor. You may know me by my former name, Katie Carrus. However we met, I'm really glad you're here! For a sense of who I am and how I work, check out the lovingly curated lists below. ♡

this is me.

this is me.


I've had the good fortune to work with all kinds of really smart, really talented people. They make me proud, and they've all made me better.  

Here's a short list:

Hilton, Organic Valley, Aha Media Group, Brain Traffic, Honeywell, Capital One, The World Bank, Vanderbilt University Health Center, Geisinger Health System, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, The Humane Society of the United States, and Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group (HZDG).

Call me if you want to work on: 

  • content strategy & design, content marketing, digital strategy, or copywriting
    • all genres and all levels of project activity (meaning we can develop a comprehensive, multi-platform strategy for your organization, go deep with content governance & workflow, or just work on driving sales of that one thing by communicating smarter) 
  • comprehensive, start-to-finish website production (including strategy, copy, design, and metrics)
  • video and radio scripting +  voiceover
  • presentations (for you and for me!) and speech-writing
    • I love to speak on content strategy and can help make the case for this critical practice in your organization. 
    • Here's my favorite talk (about Beyonce!) at Confab, the content strategy industry's flagship event. I'm the first speaker after the host!


  • excellence
  • risk
  • strategy, strategy, strategy 
  • hard work
  • authenticity
  • everyone's capacity for change
  • the serial comma
  • humor
  • making it personal. making it powerful. making it easy.
  • the big picture (like whoa)
  • heart
  • lists
  • user-centered communications. "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."  
  • the power of stories
  • me 
  • you 


  • art + advocacy
  • pink + red
  • geeks + poets
  • old + new
  • nimble + a plan
  • comma + a conjunction (down with comma splices!)
  • big, giant, impossible ideas and dreams + real life
  • confidence + humility
  • courage + the unlikely hero
  • everyone else + us
  • smart + funny
  • guts + goodness
  • audience + goal

Questions? Want to talk about a project? Ping me below!

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